Kulgeet Feedback

A song- lyrics and composition. What makes a song a good song? Definitely, drawing analogy from the diaries of a gourmet, a good song is one that is “palatable” to the ears. Take it a notch higher. A song with responsibility- one that is not only good to hear to but should also have anthem qualities. And what makes a song an anthem? The lyrics should be honest, the composition should be talking to the soul, the voice needs to be that perfect vehicle for the amalgamation and delivery of the two. Abstract as it may sound, it’s true. The “Kulgeet” of our KGMU, the very idea of it, bore these burdens on its shoulders even before it was born. And, lo and behold! How swiftly and seemingly effortlessly the burden was lifted.

Right from the time the idea of conceptualising and then creating a Kulgeet, this entity must have been under immense pressure of being honest, connecting with the souls of the listeners and palatable to the ears- all at the same time. Once a concept like this becomes a creation, then comes the final curtain raiser- the rendition. I don’t undermine the value of any step. It just goes that the building is as important as the foundation and vice versa.

The lyrics, penned down by prof Amiya Agrawal sir, are sensitive, to say the least. They touch the very pulse of what was KGMU established for and what it has been doing ever since. It also gives a vision of the way it paved way for the future ahead. And every thing has been said in a lyrical, rhyming way where every phrase and every word is metered to perfection. Choice of Raag Yaman- the grandest of all ragas just like our institution- is commendable. Yaman, apart from being up there on the pedestal of ragas, also induces a tranquility and sense of well being in the listeners. Astute choice by Dr Bhavya Naithani Dubey. Having talked about the foundation, I would now turn our focus on the building. The vocal rendition. Soft, like ripples of water in a quiet lake, Dr Bhavya takes us on a guided tour of the journey of our institute, and, I must say, she left us wanting for more. Her voice communicates a conviction, a belief in Dr Agrawal sir’s words. I don’t know honestly which was better- the words , the composition or the rendition. Or, may be there is no need to compare. What is better in a long standing , tall, big green tree that has seen centuries pass by- the roots, the trunk or the branches? Together they make the tree, together is their identity. So goes for our anthem, our Kulgeet. May this anthem of kgmu, the Kulgeet, stand forever and ever like this tree- ageless and timeless. My best wishes.