Details of IT Infrastructure

1. Infrastructure Support

IT infrastructure in King George’s Medical University is spread across spread over 240 access switches, approximately 5500 LAN ports and over 600 Wifi Access Points. The Internet is provided by 1 gbps BSNL lease line and also a supporting 100mbps NKN-NIC line, which has been recently upgraded to 1gbps by NKN-PGCIL. This infrastructure supports the needs of network/connectivity-both as LAN and WiFi, in all buildings across the campus including faculty residence, hostels, administrative offices, patient areas, teaching facilities, library etc. Wifi/LAN support across all administrative offices have simplified means of communication especially in the COVID times.
The infrastructure also supports in terms of connectivity for approximately 100 VOIP-intercoms spread across the campus and 300 IP-CCTVs at indoor and outdoor points for a central security and surveillance service. There are also approximately 900 IVRS intercoms giving interconnectivity within Campus. The entire network of main campus and various spread out buildings including RALC, Convention centre, Cardiology, QMH, Old dental building, Psychiatry buildings which are not directly within the single premise of campus are supported by a technologically robust data centre.

2. Patient Care

Online Registration Services ( is a service via National Informatics Centre (NIC) that has been deployed at KGMU for online appointments. This service can also be used by patients to acquire their lab reports online through their mobile phones. Patients are not charged for these services. Alternatively, a centralised phone number 0522-2258880 carries 30 parallel phone lines and connects to outside campus as well. This has provided access to patients for digital OPD services and for scheduling OPD appointments if they cannot access online portal. Also, an ‘sms’ service has been started for those who can neither access online portal or are unable to take appointments through phone calls. e-Hospital has been deployed as the Hospital Information System (HIS) in the campus. It has been adopted from National Informatics Centre (NIC), New Delhi. E-hospital is a service under the purview of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technolohgy (MeITy), Central Govt. of India. It is an initiative under ‘Digital India’ mission. It provides patient care services including registration, admission, discharge, death/birth certificate, billing, pathology and related services, like diet, laundry etc. The service is free of cost to KGMU and patients. Over 50 lakh patients have availed this service till now. ‘Mera Aspataal’services (also a government initiative) is taking feedback from patients by sms and calls. Average patient satisfaction score is 57. The service is free of cost to KGMU and patients. Electronics COVID Care Service (ECCS) is providing advanced consultation service to doctors of other hospitals and medical colleges. This is a tertiary care consultation to L1 / L2 hospital medical team for enhancing COVID treatment there. It is a doctor - doctor consultation.

3. Students/Faculty/Staff

Wifi Campus is providing opportunity to students/ researchers/ faculty to access required resources from anywhere in the campus either using LAN or WiFi connectivity. Most of the hostels are also Wifi equipped for supporting learning environment. All employees of KGMU have a unique identification Id that is linked to e-hospital. KGMU staff/employees/students can avail health services through this id within campus. Tele-Education has facilitated online classes and online practical training to students of various streams thus maintaining knowledge continuum during the lockdown period. The enhanced infrastructure has tremendously raised the level of education and clinical resources. A secure and interconnected campus provides ample ambience to flourish. High level consultation to needy patients in the pandemic hours through digital OPD and telemedicine services. is providing thousands of medical books and periodicals to students and faculty. This is also available to them from their homes.

4. Complaint Management

IT personnel support is provided round the clock for any technical assistance. A helpdesk has been created for logging any complaints related to hardware/software/network/technical assistance etc via phone calls on a dedicated mobile number. Whatsapp group have also been created to post complaints. Complaint logs are monitored by a in house application and pending cases are kept to be minimal. Spontaneous support is provided for the complaint. Daily complain logs are always under surveillance for any lapse.

5. Manpower

IT cell is empowered approximately 100 plus data entry operators for day to day IT related activities in the campus. IT cell also has a dedicated network team for managing the data centre and a dedicated office for administrative activities.

IT facility upgradation


IT support -Teaching/Learning

Geotagged photos of ICT enabled classrooms

Kalam Centre

Room No:- 215

Room No:- 222

Room No:- 223

Room No:- 303

Room No:- 311

Room No:- 313

Room No:- 403

Room No:- 408

Room No:- 418

Room No:- 503

Room No:- 603

Room No:- 606

Room No:- 607

Room No:- 609

Room No:- 612

Room No:- 614

Faculty of Medicine

Anatomy Department Library

Anatomy Department Seminar hall.

Anesthesia Department Saminar Hall

Biochemistry Department seminar hall

Cardiology department seminar room 1st floor

Cardiology department meeting room floor

Cardiology department seminar Room first floor

Clinical Hematology 4th floor

Department of ENT seminar room portable projector

Emergency Medicine

Endocrine surgery 7th floor 2nd Seminar Room

Endocrine surgery 7th floor

Forensic Medicine Department Seminar hall

Gandhi ward 1st floor seminar room no.206

Gandhi ward 2nd floor seminar room no. 315

General surgery department , meeting room basement

General surgery department seminar room basement 2

General surgery department seminar room basement

Hospital Administration 9th Floor

Medical Gastroenterology 6th Floor

Micro Seminar Room

Microbiology Seminar Room

Nephrology Phase1 Ground Floor

Neurology basement( medicine ) seminar room

Neuropathology Room pathology

Optha auditorium hall 4 th floor

Optha seminar room 3rd floor portable projector

Orthopedic Surgery 6th floor

Paediatric basement seminar room

Paediatric oncology 1st floor

Paediatric Oncology ground floor

Pathology HOD Room

Pediatric ortho and Sports Medicine Combined Basement.

Pediatric Surgery Department second floor seminar hall

Pharmacology dept. Seminar hall under construction and 2 projectors

Pharmacology dept.head room

Pharmacology dept.Library hall

Physiology dept.saminar hall

Plastic surgery department second floor seminar hall

Prosthodontics seminar Room 6th floor.(New Dental)

Psychiatry department ground floor seminar Room

Psychiatry department ground floor seminar Room

Pulmonary And critical Care Medicine

Radiotherapy basement

Respiratory medicine department 1st floor seminar room

Respiratory medicine department ground floor seminar room

Rheumatology 4th floor

Seminar hall QMH Rch Building, 1st Floor.

Surgical Gaestroenterology Phase1 1st Floor

Surgical Oncology 3rd floor

Training Room,near GCCU office Qmh ground floor.

Training room,skill lab Qmh 2 floor

Transfusion Medicine 1st floor

Trauma Surgery

Urology department ground floor seminar room

Faculty of Dental Sciences

Oral & Maxillofacial surgery
1st floor seminar hall (New dental)

Oral medicine and radiology dept
seminar Room ground floor.Old dental.

Oral pathology
4th floor classroom 1st. Old dental.

Oral pathology
4th floor Classroom 2nd. Old dental

Oral pathology
4th floor old dental seminar Room.

Orthodontics dept.old dental
3rd floor seminar Room.

Pedodontics dept.seminar hall
4th floor.(New Dental)

Periodontics seminar hall
5th floor.(new dental)