Anti-Ragging Information
Information on Anti-ragging cell in Faculty of Dental Sciences,
King George's Medical University, Lucknow.
Anti-ragging squad has been constituted comprising of members of Proctorial board of King George's Medical University, to keep a regular check on ragging on daily basis ( The members of the squad are appointed on duty on a roster basis in morning and evening shifts to serve the purpose.
The anti-ragging squad has carried out innumerable raids daily including surprise raids to serve the purpose, in addition to CCTV camera supervision. Posters, banners with helpline numbers for the students have been displayed at all prominent places for helping the students. Since the formation of the squad, no anti-ragging cases have been detected, thereby ruling out possibility of actions taken against found guilty. No F.I.R. has been lodged by the institution as no case has been detected.
The students are free to access any of the members of the committee for reporting any ragging issues. The contact numbers of the members are freely available on the following link: (
Seniors students and fresher students are counselled pertaining to anti-ragging rules and punishments. An orientation programme for the fresher students is organized every year for the same. An undertaking is received from all the Students before admission to abide by the rules of the institution for anti-ragging issues and information of punishments for those found guilty. Similar undertaking is also taken by from the parents/guardians of the students.